Steam Engine Washing Machine

Steam Engine Washing Machine

Steam Engine Washing Machine


Let’s learn how to make a classic wash before the bride.

Steam engine washing machine, 80 to 100 liters of water with a normal washing pressurized water is consumed. and cleaning with your eyes. Ventilation ducts are only cleaned superficially and the channels will not be disinfected and will not protect our health.

While the car is cleaned with steam car wash machine, 3 liters of water is consumed in the middle. No chemical is used when cleaning with a steam car washer. No matter how dirty your vehicle is, the steam car wash machine and steam system to reach the first day of hygienic cleaning. The sludge adhering to your vehicles is collected by special cloths using vapor technology. Mud sinking to your vehicle’s rims and mudguards JBS Machine is easily dissolved by steam system and your vehicle is cleaned. Sludge steam cleaning and very muddy vehicles are best obtained with steam. As it is known, the water removes sludge and the steam dissolves by dissolving it. Thanks to the steam, there is no wetness in your vehicle.

Steam Engine Washing Machine, Classic and chemical washing of your vehicles paint dull over time. It protects the paint of your steam vehicle and provides permanent shine. With the effect of steam, the most extreme joints of your vehicle can not be reached easily cleaned.

Engine cleaning with steam cleaning is done more easily and safely. Thanks to special cloths, it provides a permanent cleaning without damaging the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts.

In normal washings waste water will damage the nature leaves wet. The steam car wash machine protects our nature without leaving waste water.

In classic washings, our glass, mirror cavity, lath spacing and unreachable points of your vehicle do not dry out immediately.

Steam is applied intensively into your vehicle. harmful elements are cleaned.

Vapor is applied to the ventilation channels which are the most important part of your vehicle.

Thanks to the steam, the stains and stains inside your seats are easily cleaned. .The windows of your vehicle have a permanent gloss and cleanliness thanks to steam.


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