Car Washing Machine

Single Hose Steam Washing Machine

Single Hose Steam Washing Machine

  • In this machine, there is one internal hose with a pressure of 7.5 bar.
  • The machine operates using 2-phase electricity (220).
  • Water tank capacity of the machine is 10 liters.
  • The external frame of the machine is 10mm thick steel chrome.
  • All electrical equipment used in the machines is Siemens.
  • 24 Wolt leakage current relays are used in the steam machine.

•             The pressure of the hose which has the pressure of 7.5 bar can be adjusted and reduced to 3 bar for warm steam and can be used to clean the sensitive parts of the car like the sensitive ceiling and the dashboard. And can be used with the maximum pressure which is 7.5 bar to clean the seats, ceiling, gloves box, plastic parts, car side seals, windows, wheels, and mirrors.

SCW Steam car washing machine is used to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle. For years, steam has been used for its efficiency and sterilization power has become an important element in the cleaning industry worldwide.The car cleaning machine uses steam at 180 ° C for washing cars and vehicles, where no chemical is used in the cleaning process.Removes both stains and kills bacteria inside the engine and inside the car. In addition, cleaning the exterior of the vehicles using the steam washing machine leaves the outside surface very clean and gives it a bright luster.Which makes the owners of these vehicles fully satisfied with the result of cleaning.

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