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Scw Steam Car Wash Machine

                                                          Scw Steam Car Wash Machine


Institutional, our company SCW Makina is a company that has proven itself with its references and machinery. We are the only CE Certified manufacturer of the Steam Car Washing Machine, which is now preferred by all over the world.

Scw Steam car wash is one of the latest products in the technology. The steam car wash machine does not damage the steam paint during external washing. There is no need to use chemicals in the vehicle exterior washing. Chemicals harm human and environmental health seriously. In addition, it causes the paint on the vehicle to lose its matting and polish feature.

Scw Steam car wash machine, the surface of the car wash is made of wax polish. Because the steam completely on the surface of the chemical residues and the water completely removes lime residues. The steam car wash machine does not end up counting the benefits of the interior detail hairdresser. We can reach every point of the vehicle that we cannot reach with steam.
Steam car wash machine, We can remove all kinds of objects that are stuck to all dust, dirt, dirt and so on. The most useful of the steam engine is that it eliminates and disables all microbes in the car. The brush apparatus in the machine is used for cleaning the vehicle’s seats. The oil, gum, glue and sticky products in the seat make it easy to remove.

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